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Student story

Annie Walker

20 July 2023

"I have been beyond appreciative of my hall..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations, with a minor in Youth and Community Leadership

You’ve chosen such an interesting combination of community-focused subjects in your degree. What was your inspiration behind these?

It was a degree which would allow for me to become a well-rounded individual in areas that interest me, whilst leading me to the area of life that I want to work in. I know that I want to go into the area of human rights law/politics/social action and change!

I enjoy how diverse I can make the papers that I take because of the number of electives that I get. Plus the compulsory papers are all of interest to my passions!

So what led you to study this at UC?

I chose Canterbury because it was a place that I was not familiar with, so it offered that adventure! I enjoy the environment of studying here, it is quiet and relaxing, whilst also being hectic and full of life. The University itself is supportive, and the people are welcoming and approachable.

It is also the only university to offer the minor degree that I am taking, and the scholarships made it a financially sensible decision as well – I was awarded the Horomata Scholarship and the Hiranga Scholarship.

Is this why you also chose to live in Kirkwood Avenue Hall accommodation for your first year?

The reputation they have appears to showcase the easiest transition from high school to university – especially when you are moving to a new and unknown city!

The most challenging aspect of moving into a hall is finding and establishing a balance between all areas of life, from study, to socialising, to new and old friends – it is a hectic lifestyle which stability has to be found in!

What advice do you have for others about halls?

I would recommend that you properly look into the different hall options thoroughly before choosing. This includes the surrounding areas, accessibility to where you will want/need to go, perhaps ask locals about ‘the vibe’ of the hall as well.

I would also say to apply yourself fully to the university experience by going outside of your comfort zone, making the most of opportunities and living in the moment!

What highlights do you have from your experience?

There have been many highlights for me! The staff and RA’s are the best, and they make the hall such a community environment. I have loved the friends which I have made, and all of the activities are a standout because of this memories I have from them and people I have met at them.

I have been beyond appreciative of my hall because of the work that they put into all residents – whether it be the Facebook updates, chatting to us, or organising activities – the hall is a lively and pleasant place to be in!

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