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Credits and Acknowledgements

20 November 2023

The physical display that formed the basis of this on-line exhibition was made possible by the generous support of the UC Foundation.

UC Arts also worked with the Chemistry programme of UC’s School of Physical and Chemical Sciences and the MacMillan Brown Library and would like to acknowledge these collaborative partners for their contributions to this project.

Special acknowledgement of the Chemistry Old Guys and Girls Society, in particular Dr. Robin Mann, Professor Emeritus John Blunt and Dr. John Packer, was also vital to the genesis and success of this project.

The UC Chemistry at the Arts Centre exhibition, Pūmanawa Gallery, 2018

As part of the activities associated with the physical display, a permanent acknowledgment in the form of a Chemical balance in a case is displayed on Level 3 of the UC Arts building in the Arts Centre, to acknowledge the history of the site for current users.

Project personnel

Dr R. Mann, Professor Emeritus J. Blunt and Dr J. Packer, 2018

Professor Paul Millar, Project head

Naomi van den Broek, Project co-ordinator

Dr. Rosie Ibbotson, Display co-ordinator


Terri Elder, Display advisor; installation / de-installation support, online exhibition support

Mikaela O’Neill, Administrator; design, copywriting, print co-ordinator



Dr. Sarah Masters, Co-ordinator of student research and writing on instrument labels

Phan Vong, Online exhibition design

Duncan Shaw-Brown, Photographs of instruments and exhibition

Students who created accompanying text for instruments:

Harrison Bowman
Yuri Filatov
Albin Mathew
Connor O’Rourke

Students who were gallery hosts for the physical display

Sarah Lilley
Maka Malua
Daniel March


Copyright images of some photographs used in this exhibition were provided courtesy of the Department of Chemistry. For more information about these images, please contact the department. All other photographs are copyright to the University of Canterbury unless otherwise stated.


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