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Government sponsorship

27 July 2023

UC maintains enduring partnerships with several governmental sponsoring bodies around the world. Sponsored students who have access to UC’s world-class education help build capacity in their local communities. And they enhance diversity at UC and bring new ideas and perspectives. Find out more about government sponsorships.


Sponsored students who have access to UC’s world-class education will help build capacity back home and make a positive contribution to their local industries and communities.

In turn, international sponsored students bring greater diversity to our university and provide new ideas and a different global perspective.

Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships

Manaaki Scholarships are offered by the New Zealand Government to build future leaders in developing countries.

China Scholarship Council Joint PhD Scholarship

The UC-CSC Scholarship programme aims to develop research collaboration with Chinese universities.

Malaysian Government Scholarship

UC welcomes students with sponsorship from different Malaysian Government scholarships including MARA, JPA and Malaysia.

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