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Official visits to UC

26 July 2023

UC welcomes formal visits from diplomatic and consular representatives, government bodies, delegations from educational institutions, and industry bodies from all parts of the world. These visits help foster existing partnerships, nurture nascent alliances, and develop new collaborations. Find out how to request an official visit to UC.


It helps foster existing partnerships, nurture nascent alliances and develop new collaborations. If you would like to request an official visit to UC, please complete our online Visit Request Form and submit it at least one month before your planned travel date.

Visits from academic staff

University of Canterbury welcomes academic staff from global universities who are interested in spending time at UC, working in collaboration with UC’s academic staff to advance teaching and/or research endeavours.

This opportunity allows Visiting Scholars to bring their considerable academic expertise and experience to UC, generating new collaborative activities with colleagues at UC working in similar fields. Both the VS and UC academic staff may enjoy career development opportunities, and possibilities for further collaboration, contributing to UC’s Internationalisation.

If you are interested in becoming a Visiting Scholar (VS) at the University of Canterbury, please complete the Visiting Scholar Expression of Interest Form* at least THREE months before your trip.

* Scholars who would like to apply for Erskine Programme should follow the standard Erskine application process and please do not fill this Form.

Direct arrangement of visiting scholarship with UC department and faculty via existing research and teaching collaborations is allowed and may continue without filling this Form. 

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The International Partnership Team is available to assist with global partnerships, institutional collaborations, government and official delegations, and international pathways.

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