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19 September 2023

Find out how to make a payment to UC or receive one. Learn more about our financial services and get in touch if you need help.

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Charging the University of Canterbury (University) for goods or services

The University uses Purchase Orders (PO), linked with a contract, to procure goods and services. 

Suppliers need to receive the PO before work commences and then quote the PO number on their invoice to ensure efficient payment.  Please ensure that you receive this from your University representative.

The University has General Terms and Conditions which apply to most purchases that are of a non-strategic nature.  All other PO’s outside of this are governed by a bespoke agreement between the University and the supplier.  In all instances, a PO must be given to you before work of any nature commences.  No PO No Pay.  

For basic one-off PO’s - see our UC Purchase Order Terms 2023.

Payments will be made by Electronic Funds Transfer.  A remittance will be sent by email on the same day as payment.

The University’s standard terms of payment are 20th of the month following invoice date.

All supplier invoices must be sent to


Current tenders , pre-market engagement, and post awarding of contracts

To view details and participate in at the above with the University, please register via the GETS website.  All tenders will be posted on GETS.


Making a Payment to the University

Invoice payment options include:

Students should refer to the Pay your fees page for a full list of payment options.

*accepted credit cards are Visa or Mastercard


University bank account details

The University’s bank account details are as follows:

Bank Name: ANZ Bank

Bank Branch: Auckland (Q&V)

Account Name: University of Canterbury

Account Number: 01 1839 0036732 00

Swift (Routing) Number: ANZBNZ22

Bank Address: Corner Queen and Victoria Street, Auckland

GST Number:  11-131-859

University and Trust Funds Group Charities Register Number: CC45255

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