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Council Committees

Ngā Komiti o te Kaunihera

28 July 2023

The Council delegates its authority where appropriate to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day affairs of the University and to Council committees for making recommendations on governance matters. Learn more about these committees.


The Council has delegated authority to the following Council committees:

The Executive Committee acts for Council on matters that require immediate attention between Council meetings.  It reports major decisions to the next meeting of Council.


  • Chancellor Hon. Amy Adams
  • Pro-Chancellor (Ms Keiran Horne - in absence of Pro-Chancellor)
  • Vice-Chancellor Professor Cheryl de la Rey


Adela Kardos, General Counsel/Registrar

Download the Executive Committee Terms of Reference.

The Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for monitoring the ongoing effectiveness of financial reporting, internal controls, statutory and regulatory compliance and risk management activities.

The Committee monitors trends in the University’s risk profile and considers how it manages or mitigates key risk exposures. It implements risk management through its business processes of planning, budgeting, investment and project analysis and operations management.

Ex officio members

  • Chancellor, Hon. Amy Adams
  • Pro-Chancellor, position vacant

Three members elected by Council

  • Ms Keiran Horne (Chair)
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

In attendance (no voting rights)

  • General Counsel | Registrar (Secretary)
  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Any Council member
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellors
  • Executive Director, Planning, Finance and Digital Services

Download UC's Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference.

The Honours and Appointments Committee is responsible for making recommendations to Council on the award of Honorary Doctorates and other Honours, and on internal and external appointments to Council.

Ex officio members

  • Chancellor Hon. Amy Adams
  • Pro-Chancellor, position vacant
  • Vice-Chancellor Professor Cheryl de la Rey

Members elected by Council

  • Vacant
  • Professor Jack Heinemann


Adela Kardos, General Counsel | Registrar

The Executive Dean of the Faculty associated with the award of an Honorary Doctorate may be invited to attend meetings of the Committee.

Recipients of University Honours can be found on the Professores Emeriti, Honorary Doctorates and Canterbury Distinguished Professors page.

Download the Honours and Appointments Committee Terms of Reference.

The primary purpose of the Vice-Chancellor Employment Committee is to review the Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration package and performance.  Concurrence is then sought from the Public Service Commission and Council is informed.  The Committee also manages the process around Vice-Chancellor selection and appointment.

Ex officio members

  • Chancellor, Hon. Amy Adams
  • Pro-Chancellor, position vacant

Two members elected by Council

  • Ms Keiran Horne
  • Ms Gillian Simpson

External member

  • Ms Jo Appleyard

Terms of reference

To act for the Council in dealing with matters relating to the employment of the Vice-Chancellor, including leave and annual review of performance.  The Committee periodically reports its activities to Council.

The University Appeals Committee hears student appeals on academic and misconduct matters.


  • Chancellor (Chair) or delegate
  • Vice-Chancellor or delegate 
  • UCSA President or delegate 
  • One Council member nominated by the Chancellor


Adela Kardos, General Counsel/Registrar

For enquiries about Committees of Council, contact Grantley Judge, Governance and Compliance Manager.

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