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Professores Emeriti, Honorary Doctorates, and Canterbury Distinguished Professors

23 November 2023

The UC Council confers honorary awards and honours to individuals who have made outstanding, long-term contributions in their fields. Learn more about UC Emeritus Professors, Honorary Graduates, and Canterbury Distinguished Professors. 

Professores Emeriti


The honorary title Professor Emeritus is awarded to retiring long-serving professors.  The UC Council conferred the first Emeritus Professor award in 1962. 


The benefits to which Professores Emeriti are entitled can be found in the Guideline: Benefits for Professor Emeritus.

Emeritus Professors 1962 - 2022 - updated 9 November 2022

Download (application/pdf, 166 KB)

Guideline - Benefits for Professor Emeritus

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Honorary Graduates

The Council recognises individuals who make notable contributions to society by awarding them honorary degrees and conferred the first degree in 1962.

Honorary Doctorate Awards

Download (application/pdf, 119 KB)
Canterbury Distinguished Professors


The Canterbury Distinguished Professor title is the highest title that can be awarded by the Council and is reserved for professors who clearly demonstrate world-class academic leadership and achievements of the highest international standing over a decade or more. Its recipients are of the level of Nobel Prize winners or equivalent.


UC academic staff are not awarded the Canterbury Distinguished Professor title, they may be granted the Distinguished Professor rank.


The following have been named Canterbury Distinguished Professors:

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