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Twelve Local Heroes Trail

14 July 2023

As part of UC's celebrations, we’ve installed Twelve Local Heroes, sculpted by UC Arts graduate Mark Whyte, as an art trail on our Ilam campus. The people of Christchurch remember the achievements of these men and women with pride. Learn about each local hero and see where to find them on the trail map.


These men and women, sculpted by UC arts graduate Mark Whyte, are among those whose achievements in the second half of the twentieth century are remembered with pride and pleasure by the people of Christchurch. As many of them have strong links with the University of Canterbury, the sculptures have been gifted on loan to UC from the Canterbury Museum, where they will remain on our Ilam campus for the next two years. Hosting the Twelve Local Heroes collection is our way of honouring our community and the impact these 12 remarkable people have made on the city’s creative, sporting, business, and social life.

Read more about each local hero, or view the Twelve Local Heroes trail map below.

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