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Bryann Avendano

PhD Candidate

22 November 2023

Research Title: The use of Participatory Modelling to integrate social and infrastructure resilience building

Bryann is a Colombian scientist dedicated to rural development and innovation. He has been working in resilience planning, community-based decision-making processes and policy engagement for six years with local communities in different countries in Latin America and doing research with multilateral organisations like the European Union. He is a board member of Science Clubs Colombia and he co-founded ScienteLab, a think tank focused on scientific education policies for connecting the scientific diaspora to developing communities. Bryann holds two honours bachelor degrees in Science (Biology and Ecology) and postgraduate diplomas in modelling and community leadership. In 2019, Bryann was recognised as a solution maker for United Nations Foundation during the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York City, USA. His PhD research focuses on the use of serious game-based participatory modelling for Integrating social and infrastructure resilience to engage and bridge community and decision-makers of local governments into complex socio-technical systems in New Zealand.




Start date: 2019

Proposed end date: 2023

Type of position sought: Government and Engagement Advisor

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