Sarah Beaven

Senior LecturerSarah Beaven

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 208
Internal Phone: 95992


Research Interests

The active management of tensions endemic to cross-sector collaborations in disaster risk management, response and recovery contexts, with a special interest in boundary organizations and collaborative governance. The potential for collaborative governance arrangements to improve the research quality and relevance of national research funding programs, and - in response and recovery environments - to enhance cross-sector coordination and decrease ethical risks to impacted communities. Community resilience to natural hazards.

Recent Publications

  • Guy S., Gaw S., Beaven S. and Pearson AJ. (2022) Dose assessment for polonium-210 (Po-210) in New Zealand shellfish. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 242
  • Weir AM., Mead S., Bebbington MS., Wilson TM., Beaven S., Gordon T. and Campbell-Smart C. (2022) A modular framework for the development of multi-hazard, multi-phase volcanic eruption scenario suites. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 427
  • Davies A., Zorn C., Wilson TM., Wotherspoon L., Beaven S., Davies T. and Matthew H. (2021) Infrastructure Failure Propagations and Recovery Strategies from an Alpine Fault Earthquake Scenario: Establishing Feedback Loops Between Integrated Modelling and Participatory Processes for Disaster Impact Reduction. Bulletin of the New Zealand National Society for Earthquake Engineering 54(2): 82-96.
  • Guy S., Beaven S., Gaw S. and Pearson AJ. (2021) Shellfish consumption and recreational gathering practices in Northland, New Zealand. Regional Studies in Marine Science 47
  • Barton TM., Beaven SJ., Cradock-Henry NA. and Wilson TM. (2020) Knowledge sharing in interdisciplinary disaster risk management initiatives: Cocreation insights and experience from New Zealand. Ecology and Society 25(4): 1-18.