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Donating material to the Library

06 October 2023

If you're thinking of donating material to UC's library collections, find out about what we're looking for and how to make a donation. Find out about donating library material to UC.


Donations to the Macmillan Brown Library collections

Donations in the form of documentary archives, photography, architectural drawings, art collections, rare or heritage material related to New Zealand, Māori and Pacific have their own donations assessment criteria.  Please refer to the Macmillan Brown Library’s information for donors web page.


Donations for the general collections

The Library welcomes donations of material for the collection that meet the selection for purchase criteria as stated in the Information Resources Policy


The Library will take into account the quality of content at an appropriate level, accessibility, usability, cost/benefit, and in particular relevance to the teaching and research needs of the university.


The Library reserves the right to decline donations and there are some types of material that the Library would generally decline.  These include:

  • Items that the Library already has in electronic or print format
  • Older copies of  textbooks where the Library has a more recent edition
  • Short serial / journal runs unless they fill any gaps or are NZ/Pacific material
  • Donations of journals that were paid for personal individual use not at institutional subscription rates
  • Items where there is already good coverage in the collection on the subject matter
  • Software manuals
  • Reprints


Exceptions may apply for rare, unique or heritage resources for example New Zealand, Māori and Pacific material.


The Library also reserves the right to:

  • Classify donated items in accordance with the LC classification driven policy
  • Re-assess donated items in the future.  This may mean keeping, withdrawing or moving items into storage
  • Offer items no longer required to Library users, booksellers, other libraries or for disposal
  • Not return non-accessioned donations to the donor unless specifically requested and agreed to


Process for bringing in donations to the Library

Please fill in a copy of the donation acknowledgment form and bring this with you.

Donation Acknowledgement Form

Download (application/pdf, 244 KB)

Small numbers of donated items (e.g., less than 10 items) are usually fine to just bring into the Library service desk/s however if the size of the donation is significant then please contact the Resource Acquisition team (3693874) or to discuss and make prior arrangements.

For more information on making a donation to UC

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