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Living costs estimate - homestay

16 November 2023

As well as paying your fees, you need enough money to cover your homestay accommodation, food, and more. Get a living costs estimate for homestay at UC.

Homestay - estimate of costs

Here is a breakdown of what you are likely to pay per week if you stay in a Homestay, plus a list of associated annual and one-off costs.


Homestay accommodation - $300
Usually includes power, internet (ranges between $280-$340 depending on meal plan)

Mobile phone - $5
Cost will vary on use and if you are using pre-paid or a plan.

Food - $50
Will vary depending on your diet and how often you eat out.

Transport - $25
This will vary depending on your chosen mode of transport.

Contents and Liability Insurance - $10
Check out packages offered by insurance companies.  

Other - $20
Incidentals such as emergencies, entertainment - costs will depend on what you choose to do.


One-off placement fee - $350
This covers vetting and selection of the host family as well as other co-ordination costs (ranges between $300-$350)

Books and stationery - $750
Depending on your programme of study this can vary between $500 to $1,000 per year.

Parking - $475
If you have a car and want to park on campus you need to pay parking fees - either hourly, daily or annually.
Refer to - Student Parking

Clothing - $750
Depending on your budget, clothing can cost between $600 - $900 per year.
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