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Mechatronics Engineering

Pūhanga Kōhikohiko

05 October 2023
Mechatronics Engineering is the integration of electronics and intelligent control in mechanical systems.


Mechatronics Engineering


Mechatronics Engineering combines sensors, software, electronics, and mechanical motors to create innovative new devices.

Almost every system you see and use daily, smartphones, cars, air conditioning units, use a mechatronics system to operate and solve tasks on their own.

Mechatronics Engineering

What will my study involve?

  • Project-based programme, with hands-on skills development and robotics laboratories throughout the degree.
  • Final-year project work includes real-world research with UC’s industry partners, including commercial and industrial design.
  • Participate in mechatronics research work through summer internships.

Mechatronics Engineering


The first year of the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours is made up of six compulsory courses taken by all Engineering students, plus courses specific to Mechatronics Engineering:

You also need to complete two other 100-level elective courses. Check with a Student Advisor for suggested options.

More information:

2nd–4th years

Once you have completed the first year and successfully applied for entry into Mechatronics Engineering, you will study that discipline within the next three years.

At UC, special emphasis is placed on project-based learning that integrates mechanical, electronic, and computer engineering skills in each year. In the final year, all students complete a design and research project, which typically are real-life engineering projects offered by industry partners. This unique project approach gives our students an employability advantage at graduation.

Second year

Third year

Plus one course chosen from the electives list, or any approved 300-level Engineering courses.

Fourth year

Plus four courses chosen from the electives list, or any approved 400-level Engineering courses.

Mechatronics Engineering

Career opportunities

A Mechatronics Engineering degree can open up careers in a wide range of industries including robotics, aerospace, gaming, internet and computers, defence, automotive, and manufacturing.

Career pathways could include:

  • software engineering
  • machine manufacturing and testing
  • industrial product design
  • smart technologies.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree in Mechatronics Engineering.

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