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Student story

Thomas Maslin

20 July 2023

"UC has helped me create a course of study that is completely individual to me..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechatronics Engineering, and a Diploma in Languages in German and Russian

What led you to Mechatronics?

When I was a kid I was obsessed with transformers, which led to a fascination for robots. I’ve really enjoyed my first specialist year. It’s been very hands on and I’ve done some really creative design projects. It’s great to wire up the circuits and see everything happen.

And you're studying languages too?

Yes, I study German. When I graduate I want to go into Biomedical Engineering or Medical Physics. I want to create helpful things like MRI machines and artificial limbs. Europeans are leaders in that area, so I thought learning German would be a great way to open up opportunities over there.

How has UC supported you to follow your passions?

I explained my intentions to the head of Mechatronics. He helped me make a plan that combines Mechatronics, medical physics and German, and only adds six months to my degree. They’ve been extremely helpful and understanding in making the adjustments I need.

What else have you been up to?

When I got to uni, I walked around at Clubs Day to see what I could find. I joined the snow sports club. We go away for weekends and it’s a great way to relax and chill out. Through club contacts I even managed to get a three month job at a hotel in Japan, about 200m from a chairlift. I never would have thought of doing that if I hadn’t made those connections.

Sounds like you've had a really well-rounded experience!

Yeah! Some people think an engineering degree is restrictive, but it’s not. Taking German is giving me worldwide options. Even being part of the Snow Sports club and traveling to Japan has added to my confidence in pursuing overseas opportunities. My degree is flexible and highly creative – it’s much more than just maths and physics!

What's the secret to getting the most out of UC?

Broaden yourself by taking subjects outside of your degree. For me, that’s been combining languages with engineering. UC has helped me create a course of study that is completely individual to me. I haven’t been limited at all by wanting to do something out of the normal.


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