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Evidence-informed action

27 August 2023

Whatever you learn in your degree will be backed by hands-on experience, giving you the workplace skills you need. Your actions will be well-informed and based on current research and best practices. Find out about evidence-informed action at UC Health.

Real-world experience

Your actions will be well-informed and based on current research and best practices. In the Bachelor of Sport, students undertake a 120-hour internship with a sports organisation, for example Sport Canterbury or the Canterbury Crusaders, to build their leadership capabilities and gain real-world industry-based skills.

Health Sciences students can also complete a 300-level internship course where they will apply their knowledge and skills to a project developed in collaboration with external health providers.

Challenge yourself to be the best you can be

The health workforce has become more diverse and interdisciplinary. It requires people from di erent backgrounds and a problem-solving approach to answer the big questions facing population health. This is why we foster a multidisciplinary approach in our teaching.

A great strength of the UC Health Sciences team is in that intersection between health and sport — aspects such as nutrition, physical activity, exercise, behaviour change, and health education feature across our degrees.
You will have opportunities to work across teams and participate in community projects where you can share what you know and learn from others.

chris bacon

Chris Bacon

Studying towards a PhD in Education
Chief Executive, Monitr

I’m looking at ways to use athletes data to reduce injuries. Right now athletes wear some very clever devices that gather a whole range of metrics such as distance covered and top speeds. I get to take all this information and find ways to use it. I love it because I’m helping athletes get to a stage where they’re reaching their potential. It’s not a dust collector PhD!

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