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Diverse research programmes

27 August 2023

From public health and psychology to social work and sport, UC Health is multi-disciplinary. Check out our diverse research programmes.

Research in action

Our research hubs and facilities specialise in areas such as health assessment, epidemiology, complementary and alternative medicine, exercise, sports science, and public health. Our innovative research is informing policy and practice to help improve people’s lives.

For instance, a desire to challenge assumptions around disability and to ground social advocacy in research led Dr Johnny Bourke to his doctoral research. It focused on the community inclusion of wheelchair users in the long-term following a natural disaster. His research provides a massive opportunity to realise some policies around disability rights and human rights.


Find your specialisation

You will encounter a multitude of views, expertise, and insights that will help you specialise. Our postgraduate courses focus on enhanced health and wellbeing through the lifespan, from early childhood intervention to palliative care.

Another focus is on the functioning of the health system, from the management of health information to health in communities.


Purposeful and personalised

What we teach in our programmes is focused yet adaptable — it’s about what matters to you. You have the flexibility to tailor your studies around your interests, passions, and aspirations to get the outcome you want. We will offer plenty of guidance and support along the way.

Postgraduate students can build on their existing knowledge, and work in partnership with academic staff.

Phd student John Bourke, researching wheelchair access throughout Christchurch, wheelchair bound after a surfing accident, 3.9.14

Dr Johnny Bourke

Bachelor of Arts, PhD in Health Sciences
Disability and PLEx Research Lead
Burwood Academy of Independent Living

One of the key findings was that disaster recovery for people living with disability at a wider level needs to move from the individual vulnerability model to how society as a whole can make the life of people with physical impairment easier, improving social structures.

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