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Problem-solving creativity

21 August 2023

Our students learn to solve problems through designing and building. You get to bring ideas to live and turn ingenuity into entrepreneurship. Find out about problem-solving creativity at UC Engineering.

Bringing ideas to life

We use real-world and simulated projects to teach you the creative problem-solving skills that employers are looking for. Our second year Civil and Natural Resources Engineering students complete a bridge design and building competition as part of their studies. Student groups must draw and design a bridge, while understanding material strength and estimating loads on structures before building and testing their bridge in a fun competition.


Humanitarian engineering

For students who want to apply their engineering skills to humanitarian causes to help solve global issues such as food and water shortages, power supply, or climate change, we offer a unique humanitarian engineering programme. The Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering can be taken in parallel to your Engineering degree, in any discipline. You can apply the knowledge and skills you learn as an engineer to humanitarian work, working on engineering issues, and projects in disadvantaged or developing communities, in Aotearoa or overseas.


Ingenuity to entrepreneurship

At UC, our students are encouraged to research more and push the boundaries of our thinking. We give them the business and entrepreneurial skills they will need to make their ideas happen. We allow students to think big – while at the same time giving them a solid grounding in science and technology so that their ideas can be realised.

Product Design students learn to combine creative design, science, engineering, and business studies to plan and develop items for use in homes, businesses, and industry.

Madeline Furness

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Natural Resources Engineering
Studying towards a Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering

“The diploma has forced me to look at things differently. You have to change from a concise, logical, factual way of looking at things, to developing convincing ideas and arguments. It has definitely helped exercise the creative side of my brain!”

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