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Hands-on learning

21 August 2023

Our students learn by doing. We provide opportunities to put your ideas to work before you enter the workforce. From our final year projects to specialist labs and field stations, check out hands-on learning at UC Engineering.

Final Year Projects

All of our engineering students do a final year project, many of which are sponsored by industry. By solving real-world problems, you gain work-ready skills and relevant experience. You build upon what you have learned during your degree, and complete your project as part of a team, alongside industry and academic mentors. Projects have spanned building technologies to withstand earthquake damage, electric vehicles, robotic machines to use in hazardous situations, rockets, and apps. The teams deliver concepts, prototypes, test data, and detailed reports at the end of their project.


Student engineering design leading the world

UC Engineering students have competed in the international Formula SAE student competition for the last five years. The competition involves the design and build of their own cars, including the latest electronics and software, and racing them. The competition tests the depth of the students’ knowledge in engineering, business and management. UC Engineering students have also created the world’s first 3D-printed titanium internal combustion engine, as part of the international Shell Eco-marathon Asia, a global event that attracts over 100 university student teams around the Asia-Pacific region. The UC Eco-marathon team has won Design and Innovation Awards for their car.


Specialist labs and field stations

Students gain hands-on experience by applying what they learn in lectures to the laboratory environment. Labs are complemented by field trips which allow students to learn in a real and dynamic environment. For example, field trips to Waitaha Canterbury’s indigenous and exotic forests are an integral part of the Forestry Science degree. UC’s unique field stations around Waitaha Canterbury and Te Tai Poutini the West Coast support teaching and research, allowing you valuable learning experiences outside of the classroom.

Willy Dunlop

Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering

Part of UC Motorsport (UCM) & UC Formula SAE team

“Our faculty advisor is very passionate and sets a high bar for us. What comes together is a really beautiful piece of machinery. In 2016, we built an electric vehicle. I got to design a carbon fibre shroud for the motor controllers. All the knowledge and experience gets passed down each year from student to student. We’ve built another electric car this year and we’re really proud of what we’ve created.”

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