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Identity evidence and Police vetting

26 November 2023

You'll need to present two accepted forms of identity evidence at your teacher education interview. Find out about identity evidence and police vetting requirements for your teacher education application.

Identity evidence

You are required to present 2 Accepted forms of identity evidence  at your interview. One of these must be a photo ID (such as your passport). 

You will also be required to complete a safety check under the Children's Act 2014 . Part of the safety check requirements is to undergo a NZ Police background (police vetting) check and face to face identity verification.

You cannot go on professional placement without the safety check being completed.

Note: the requirements for the student safety check differ to the Identification requirement for University Admission to complete your enrolment. More information about enrolment identification can be found here

Face to face identity check

In order to confirm the identity of the applicant, two original forms of ID must be sighted in person, one primary and one secondary, one of which must be photographic. Please see Accepted forms of identity evidence for further information. You can complete this requirement by bringing these original documents or certified copies into the Faculty of Education reception, Level 2, Rehua, Ilam Campus for verification during business hours before or after your in-person interview.  Alternative arrangements can be made for distance students to present these documents via a zoom call.


Who can certify your documents?

 To obtain certified copies, you will need to take both the original document(s) and a photocopy of the document(s) to one of the following:

  • NZ Justice of the Peace (JP)
  • a solicitor
  • a Court Registrar or Deputy Registrar
  • a Notary Public
  • UC staff at reception, level 2 Rehua
  • School Principal - (Only for current secondary school students (Years 12-13) enrolling in a STAR course at UC)

Outside New Zealand, documents can be certified by:

  • New Zealand Embassy / High Commission / Consulate staff
  • Australian Justices of the Peace
  • a Notary Public
  • an Apostille
  • a Solicitor

A copy will not be accepted as 'certified' if it has been certified by a police officer, a bank manager, WINZ, a legal executive, StudyLink, medical professionals, or your employer.
Complete a Police background check (police vetting)

·        Police vetting checks are required for all people who work with children or vulnerable people.

·        If you have lived overseas for 12 months or more in the last 10 years and were aged over 16 years you are also required to provide a certified copy of a police check for those countries.  The police check must be less than six months old as at the start of the programme.

·        Police vetting is required to be updated every three years.

·        Police checks can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to process. Therefore, the Police Vetting Form must be completed and returned to us (with two forms of accepted ID) at least three months before your programme starts.

GRADDIPTCHLN, PGDIPTCHGLN and MTCHGLN programmes – start police vetting from October: police vetting form and face to face identity check must be submitted by 15 December to ensure we receive the police vetting results before the first placement.

AKO: BTCHLN programmesstart police vetting from September: police vetting form and face to face identity check must be submitted to us by 15 December to ensure we receive the police vetting results before the first placement.


Please note:
  • Any original documents that you post to us will not be returned and will become the property of UC.
  • If English translations are required, the translations must also be certified.

Complete the Police Vetting Service Request Form for Teacher Education Programmes

How to complete the Police Vetting Form

Accepted forms of identity evidence

Questions? Get in touch.


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