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21 September 2023

Writing skills are central to high quality work, and can be the point of difference for your CV in a crowded job market. Find out about writing courses for Professional development at UC and get in touch with our student advisors if you need some guidance.



Writing skills are central to high quality work, and can be the point of difference for your CV in a crowded job market. These courses have been categorised into beginner and advanced. Beginner courses are for those with no prior experience with the topic. Advanced courses are best taken when you have work experience or previous study in the topic. If you are unsure about the best fit for you, our friendly student advisors or the course co-ordinator can help you choose the right option.

Beginner courses

Gain the skills and techniques you need to become a confident writer.

This course provides a thorough grounding in the skills, techniques and tricks a writer needs to transform ideas and material into art. Guided exercises will develop students' perception, observation and research skills. The study of selected poetry, song lyrics and monologues will provide an understanding of fundamental techniques and approaches, as well as inspiration for students' own writing.

Advanced courses

This course will develop students' capacity to produce professional writing according to a range of practices, within a variety of contexts and genres, and in response to the needs and expectations of diverse audience groups.

The first part of the course will be concerned with establishing core literacies common across many of these genres, including effective structure and signalling of purpose, appropriate register, and techniques for inclusion of support. Subsequent sessions will then examine the contexts and specific exemplary texts of a range of professional writing genres, including context-specific report-writing, policy writing, the construction of effective process narrative, collaborative writing, and new media writing practices.  Students will then have the opportunity to apply what they learn from analysis of these genres to the production of their own assessed writing, including self-analysis of their choice of techniques and form, and the alignment of aims to specific writing effects.

Gain advanced level skills and techniques you need to become a confident writer.

Students in WRIT403 will participate in a series of workshop-based exercises focussing on the set topic, which will vary from year to year depending on who is teaching the course. In the first half of the course, each week will be based around a particular aspect of the topic and include one class that entails the reading and analysis of exemplary literary examples, followed by a second class that entails workshopping of students’ own writing in response to set exercises. In the second half of the course students will be able to specialise in a particular mode or genre, and to develop longer pieces of work.

Make it a complete qualification

Find out more about how to study for professional development at UC Arts

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