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Social and digital technologies PD

21 September 2023

UC Arts offers professional development courses for social and digital technologies. See what's available and contact a student advisor if you need some guidance.


Social and digital technologies

These courses have been categorised into beginner and advanced. Beginner courses are for those with no prior experience with the topic. Advanced courses are best taken when you have work experience or previous study in the topic. If you are unsure about the best fit for you, our friendly student advisors or the course co-ordinator can help you choose the right option.


Explore how social media platforms work and how professional communicators are attempting to use it, and then apply these ideas in a group project for a community organisation or company.

 The course prepares students to do public communication in a rapidly changing media environment. The first half of the course explores how a range of social media platforms work and how professional communicators are attempting to use it. Topics include networks, convergence culture, privacy and new forms of public life. In the second half of the course students apply these ideas in small-group projects for a community organisation or company.

Learn to critically evaluate digital technology from both a technical and human point of view. This course is focuses on how to evaluate new technology, rather than how to use current technology.

In this course we will help you to better understand the digital devices you use every day and show you how to work more efficiently and effectively with computers and computer-based devices. We will also examine the effect digital technologies have on society and individuals, including new risks and new ethical issues. This will include understanding the key ideas behind how technologies such as cloud systems and mobile devices work in order to make informed decisions about existing and new technologies.

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