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German study options

03 November 2023

UC teaches select German courses collaboratively with Auckland University via e-learning. Studying German at UC involves meeting enthusiastic, experienced staff at both universities. Check out our German study options.


Selected German courses are taught collaboratively with Auckland University using e-learning technology. During your studies in German at UC you can expect to meet the enthusiastic and experienced staff at both universities.

We advise students to combine language and culture courses in their planned degree, rather than concentrating simply on language or on culture. This is because of the dynamic mutual relationship between language and culture, which means that a full understanding of one is not possible without a sound understanding of the other.

Check out all our German courses here. For advice about course choice contact the Subject Coordinator.

Postgraduate research in German is run through the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE). If you are interested in undertaking postgraduate research, you need to determine whether our academics share your research interests.

Find out more about undertaking an Master of Arts (MA) or Doctor of Philosopy (PhD) at UC through the NCRE, or contact our Subject Coordinator.

Visit the Faculty of Arts webpage for information about processes, resources and regulations.


International students

Look at the research interests of the staff in German to see if your own interests are covered. Email your CV, your academic record and your research proposal to the Global, Cultural & Language Studies administrator.

You will be informed promptly by the department advising you if there is a suitable supervisor and if we can support your application.

  • National Centre for Research on Europe: University of Canterbury Masters/Doctoral scholarships and awards. Students working on a thesis on a European-related topic are encouraged to apply for scholarships and awards offered by the NCRE, which offers Domestic Fees Scholarships on a competitive basis and Research Awards to support bona fide research or conference expenses. Applications must contain a thesis proposal (1000 words for a Master's thesis, 2000 words for a Ph.D. thesis), and indication of support from the prospective supervising department, an official university academic record and a curriculum vitae. Applications normally close in September for the following year. For further information, contact the Centre's Director, Professor Martin Holland, and consult the Centre's web-page.
  • DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) scholarships: DAAD Wintercourse in German Language and Culture, DAAD Semester Scholarships for Students of German, DAAD Full-Year Scholarship for young graduates of all academic disciplines. See the DAAD 2019 Scholarship Presentation for further information. 
  • Austrian Exchange Service (Österreichischer Austauschdienst) Austrian Scholarships for students, graduates, and young scientists.
  • Baden-Württemberg Scholarship. The Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg is awarding scholarships for students at universities and other higher education institutions in the State of Baden-Württemberg, and likewise at universities outside Germany that have cooperative arrangements with Baden-Württemberg universities. The exchange programme with the University of Konstanz makes students of the University of Canterbury eligible for these scholarships.

German postgraduate study is supervised through the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE). 

The NCRE is New Zealand's only research centre devoted to the study of Europe and the European Union (EU). It fosters research on the EU that is regionally relevant, such as EU development policy in the Pacific, the EU's identity in the Asia-Pacific region and the external consequences of EU enlargement. The NCRE is firmly established as the focal point for the study of Europe in New Zealand, attracting visiting academics from all over the world.

See the Centre's webpage or contact Subject Co-ordinator for more information.

German offers courses for both beginners and those who have prior knowledge of the German language.


More information

See the Course Information website for more details about studying German.

Explore the full list of courses offered in German

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