The HAPI Trial

Angela Sherwin, HAPI Trial (SPSH)

The High Anxiety Pyrrole Intervention (HAPI) Trial, has been developed to explore the effects of micronutrients zinc and B6 on anxiety.  It is a double-blind, randomised, controlled trial.  Two groups of people will either take the treatment, or a placebo, for 6 weeks.  Everyone in the trial will have the opportunity to take the treatment once the experimental phase is over.  We aim to recruit 120 participants experiencing symptoms of anxiety (tested for at enrolment).   

As yet, micronutrients are not an approved treatment for symptoms of anxiety.  At the end of the trail we hope to show whether-or-not these micronutrients are of benefit for those with generalized anxiety disorder.  Part of the trial will involve collecting urine samples and investigating whether-or-not a levels of zinc, B6 and the urinary component HPL have any value as a bio-markers, or treatment predictors, for anxiety.

Interest in taking part in the study is welcomed from those who currently live, and are planning to continue living, in New Zealand. 

Participants needed

Referrals to participate must come through your General Practitioner (GP). 

More information about the trial and participant registration can be found here: HAPI Trial – High anxiety pyrroluria intervention


Angela Sherwin

Angela Sherwin, HAPI Trial, SPSH