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Careers in Psychology, Speech and Hearing

28 January 2024

Our psychology and speech-language graduates are highly employable in New Zealand and overseas. They go on to work as speech-language therapists in hospitals, schools. and private clinics. Learn more about possible careers in Psychology, Speech and Hearing.


Our speech and language graduates go on to work as speech-language therapists in hospitals, schools and private clinics. Some have their own private practices, while others are working in research labs and designing and developing new speech-language or hearing technologies. Our Master of Audiology students can practice as professional audiologists.

With their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the human mind, our psychology graduates are an asset to employers. While graduates with bachelor degrees in psychology cannot yet work professionally as psychologists; many enter other careers that benefit from relevant skills such as human resources or marketing. Postgraduate psychology students can become registered psychologists, working in health, social services, corrections or private practice.

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