UC Science Video Gallery

Introduction to UC Science

New to science at UC? Welcome! Join Izzy and Dona for a quick tour of the University of Canterbury campus, and find out where everything is!

What our students say

Hear what our students have to say about their experiences to find out what makes UC Science unique.

Culture and teaching

At UC, we have a culture of innovation and amazing, research-engaged teaching staff, so students learn from scientists at the forefront of knowledge.

Facilities and fieldwork

UC students have access to world-class facilities and a living laboratory for field work.


Science is...

Science is helping us find solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Choose science and change the world.

Inspirational Research

Professor Elissa Cameron is an international expert in mammal behaviour and the 2022 UC Research Medal winner. Her research spans South African meerkats, Tasmanian devils, and New Zealand wild horses.

Teaching Excellence

UC Teaching Medal winner, Associate Professor Heather Purdie is a field-based physical geographer and glaciologist. Her teaching is consistently rated highly for her innovative experiential approach to learning.

Undergraduate science at UC

An introduction to undergraduate study at UC Science with Professor Katharina Naswall.


Bachelor of Science

The BSc will extend your knowledge in multiple interest areas, satisfying many questions you might have about the world and encouraging you to investigate even further.

Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours

As demand for the planet’s limited resources grows, so does the need for people who understand the environment and how to protect it. Study environmental science and be part of the solution.


Bachelor of Data Science

The Bachelor of Data Science degree (BDataSc) will prepare you to excel in our data-focused world.

Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology (Hons)

Over the four years of the BSLP (Hons), students gain the knowledge and skills to assist a wide variety of people with communication and swallowing disorders.

Postgraduate science at UC

Postgraduate science at the University of Canterbury is your ticket to amazing places, new opportunities and career success.

Master of Audiology

The MAud focuses on training professional clinical audiologists with an emphasis on the development of clinical and administrative skills relating to the practice of audiology.

Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Postgraduate study in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) can enable you to make a real difference to the mental health and wellbeing of our communities.

Master of Disaster Risk and Resilience

The MDRR provides an introduction to the rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field of Disaster Risk Reduction.

Master of Spatial Analysis for Public Health

The MSAPH combines expertise on public health issues with GIS technologies.

Master of Speech and Language Pathology

Master of Speech and Language Pathology (MSLP) is a graduate-entry professional qualification to practice as a speech language pathologist/therapist.

Master of Urban Resilience and Renewal

The Master of Urban Resilience and Renewal (MURR) focuses on how communities respond to challenges that cities are facing today.

Professional Master of Engineering Geology

Engineering Geology is a multidisciplinary area applying geological sciences to engineering work, identifying and mitigating geological hazards, and aspects of land-use planning.


Professional Master of Geospatial Science and Technology

The PMGST equips current and future geospatial professionals with experience in GIS and location data analysis, for leadership roles in government, industry, and research.


Water Resource Management

An introduction to the Master of Water Resource Management (MWaterRM) and Postgraduate Diploma in Water Resource Management (PGDipWat).

Karla - Medical Physics

Karla explains what medical physics is and how it has a direct impact on people's lives

Melissa - the power of communication

Find out about the vast range of people you can help and work with through learning Speech and Language Therapy at UC.

Aisling - The Science of Conservation

Aisling co-develops research with Ngāi Tūāhuriri to protect the future

Siddarth - PhD Biochemistry

Siddarth talks about studying for a PhD in Biochemistry researching cardiovascular disease.

Applying geography in the real world

Ashley explains how studying towards the Bachelor of Science in Geography at the University of Canterbury gives her the chance to apply what she learns in the classroom in the real world.

Charlie - Geospatial Science

Charlie is studying how our environment and human geography co-exist.

Luke - VXT voicemail to text creator

Luke talks about creating the VXT app and how his team was accepted for the UCE summer start-up to create the business.

Melissa - Building better networks

Melissa helps bring together the UC Speech and Language Therapy and Audiology community through events like quiz nights, BBQs, and movies.

Fostering diversity in science

Grace explains how her bicultural background, coupled with studying Māori and Indigenous Studies alongside her BSc, provides a unique perspective.

Solving the world’s problems with biochemistry

BSc student Caleb talks flexible learning, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class teaching at UC, and how he plans to put his biochemistry knowledge to use.

Making a difference with speech and hearing

Speech Therapy student Anna talks about how UC is helping her make a difference to speech and hearing patients.

Applying scientific knowledge

Geology student Taylor discusses the practical work UC Science offers.

Becoming an environmental leader

Law and Biology student Morgan aims to work in Environmental Law. See how combining two degrees is helping her reach her goal.


Growing as a science intern

Science intern Liam is working with a foreign exchange software company.

Seeing what's out there

Mahali Matahe describes the unique opportunities studying science at the University of Canterbury provides.

Jacinta Cording

Jacinta Cording is a senior lecturer in Forensic Psychology, whose research focuses on rehabilitation, working to reduce the harm caused by crime in New Zealand.

Daniel Stack

Daniel Stack is pursuing his passion of making workplaces better places to be, working as H&S, Wellbeing, Marketing and Proposals co-ordinator at Cosgroves Ltd.

James Williams

James is an avid data scientist and software engineer, developing bespoke data-driven software for companies around the world.

Olivia Ogilvie

A research fellow in the Biomolecular Interaction Centre, Olivia's research spans coeliac disease, gluten, allergies, food protein structure and cultivated meat.

Peter Taylor

Peter’s passion for the Antarctica was fuelled by his experiences as a UC Master’s student. Now Peter is the Environmental Manager for Antarctica New Zealand.

Luke Campbell

Entrepreneurship has been the name of the game since Luke first started at UC. During his undergrad he co-founded Vxt, a digital communication platform with help from UCE.

Amy Whitehead

As a quantitative freshwater ecologist at NIWA, Amy’s asking tough questions as she tries to solve challenging environmental problems.

Hannah Prebble

Hannah Prebble is a scientist at MARS Bioimaging Ltd – an award-winning manufacturer of innovative medical research technology.

Matt Vannoort

As a chemistry teacher, Matt Vannoort has been able to fulfill his passions for education and science in his career.

Logan Williams

Entrepreneurial scientist Logan Williams is applying the knowledge he gained from his BSc to solve real-world problems.

Sophie Bainbridge

UC Science graduate Sophie Bainbridge is now an Engineering Geologist, helping to create a more resilient future for New Zealand.

Sylvia Maclaren

BSc graduate Sylvia Maclaren is the Programme Manager for the Flood Protection and Stormwater team at Christchurch City Council.


Anna Farquhar

PhD graduate Anna Farquhar is a Senior Scientist at Aeroqual, an Auckland-based leader in air quality monitoring.

Teaching, Medical Physics and Ecology

Science graduates go on to all sorts of careers. In this short video, hear three UC alumni talk about their time at UC and where it has taken them.


What is Astronomy is all about? Why is it important? What makes UC's programme so special? Watch and learn.


Biochemistry is providing critical advances in medicine, agriculture and understanding the world we live in.

Biological sciences

Biology is the study of living things, from molecules and cells to organisms, populations, and entire ecosystems.


Chemistry is the central science. It deals with the composition, structure, and behaviour of the atoms and molecules that make up all forms of matter.

Computer Science

Want to find solutions to new problems? Computer science has the answers. 

Environmental science

Want to make the world a better place? Environmental Science is a great place to start.

Financial Engineering

Solving financial problems can be complex so we use other tools. Watch and find out more. 


Geography looks at the relationships between people and places, pulling together various types of knowledge to find innovative solutions to problems faced by society.


Geology is about understanding our planet so that we can benefit human society and sustain the environment that supports us.


Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and associated biological, cognitive, and social processes.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech–language therapists are professionals educated in the study of human communication, how it develops and the many differences and difficulties that children and adults experience.


Dealing with uncertainty is what statistics is all about. Learn more here.