Richard Holdaway

Richard Holdaway

Adjunct Professor
Julius von Haast 422
Phone: +643367073
Internal Phone: 7073

Research Interests

Research interests include extinction biology, stable isotopic analysis of species and ecosystems, and applying information on pre-human systems to restoration and management of ecosystems.

Recent Publications

  • Holdaway RN., Duffy B. and Kennedy B. (2019) Reply to ‘Wiggle-match radiocarbon dating of the Taupo eruption’. Nature Communications 10(1)
  • Makiola A., Dickie IA., Holdaway RJ., Wood JR., Orwin KH. and Glare TR. (2019) Land use is a determinant of plant pathogen alpha- but not beta-diversity. Molecular Ecology 28(16): 3786-3798.
  • Makiola A., Dickie IA., Holdaway RJ., Wood JR., Orwin KH., Lee CK. and Glare TR. (2019) Biases in the metabarcoding of plant pathogens using rust fungi as a model system. MicrobiologyOpen 8(7)
  • Watts C., Dopheide A., Holdaway R., Davis C., Wood J., Thornburrow D. and Dickie IA. (2019) DNA metabarcoding as a tool for invertebrate community monitoring: a case study comparison with conventional techniques. Austral Entomology 58(3): 675-686.
  • Coomes DA., Šafka D., Shepherd J., Dalponte M. and Holdaway R. (2018) Airborne laser scanning of natural forests in New Zealand reveals the influences of wind on forest carbon. Forest Ecosystems 5(1)