Richard Holdaway

Richard Holdaway

Adjunct Professor
Julius von Haast 422
Phone: +643367073
Internal Phone: 7073

Research Interests

Research interests include extinction biology, stable isotopic analysis of species and ecosystems, and applying information on pre-human systems to restoration and management of ecosystems.

Recent Publications

  • Westbury MV., De Cahsan B., Shepherd LD., Holdaway RN., Duchene DA. and Lorenzen ED. (2022) Genomic insights into the evolutionary relationships and demographic history of kiwi. PLoS ONE 17(10 October)
  • Holdaway RN., Sagar PM. and Briskie JV. (2021) Individual long-distance migrant Chrysococcyx cuckoos repeat carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios after moulting in non-breeding range on successive migrations. Notornis 68(1): 65-71.
  • Holdaway R. and Rowe RJ. (2020) Palaeoecological reconstructions depend on accurate species identification: examples from South Island, New Zealand, Pachyornis (Aves: Dinornithiformes). Notornis 67: 494-502.
  • Holdaway RN., Duffy B. and Kennedy B. (2019) Reply to ‘Wiggle-match radiocarbon dating of the Taupo eruption’. Nature Communications 10(1)
  • Makiola A., Dickie IA., Holdaway RJ., Wood JR., Orwin KH. and Glare TR. (2019) Land use is a determinant of plant pathogen alpha- but not beta-diversity. Molecular Ecology 28(16): 3786-3798.