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Sarah Young

Executive Dean - Science

Amo Matua, Pūtaiao

Faculty of Science

17 October 2023

About Professor Sarah Young  

At the University of Canterbury, NZ, reporting directly to the vice-chancellor and principal, Professor Young leads the Faculty of Science as Executive Dean. Prior to this Prof. Young ran the School of Medical Sciences at the University of Sydney, where she holds an adjunct professorial position. She is also the current Board Chair of ESR, one of NZs Crown Research Institutes.



  • PhD, University of Otago, NZ, 2000
  • BSc (Hons) I, University of Otago, NZ, 1996


(2013) Fulbright NZ Senior Scholar Award
(2008) Sir Charles Hercus Fellowship (HRC)

Research interests

Sarah is an academic Immunologist and her current research involves the development of immune therapies (incl vaccines and cell therapies) primarily against cancer. In addition, she has smaller research projects on autoimmunity (IBD and AS). She has experience in both human and mouse models of immunology. Approximately 20% of her academic research activity is associated with contract-based commercial research which cannot be published.


Recent publications

Book Chapters

1.     Neumann S, Shields, N, Peyroux E, Woodall M, Young S, Pattison S. The influence of microbial metabolites in the gastrointestinal microenvironment on anti-cancer immunity "Understanding Tumour Microenvironments", Current Cancer Treatment. ISBN 978-1-78985-654-5.

2. Invited Chapter from book entitled Delivery of Sub-unit Vaccines. The use of Virus-like particles as vaccines. SL Young, B Donaldson, F al Barawani and VK Ward. June 2013. Springer NY, USA.


Refereed Journal Articles

1. Shields NJ, Peyroux EM, Ferguson AL, Steain M, Neumann S, Young SL. 2023. Late state MC38 tumours recapitulate features of human colorectal cancer-implications for appropriate timepoint selection in preclinical studies. Front Immunol. 14: 1152035.

2. Nguyen HV, Campbell K, Painter GF, Young SL, Walker GF. 2022. Effect of carrier molecular weight on physiochemical properties and the in vitro immune-stimulatory activity of the CpG-dextran conjugates. In J Pharmaceutics. In press.

3. Shields NJ, Peyroux EM, Campbell K, Mehta S, Woolley AG, Neumann S, Young SL. 2022. Calpains released from necrotic tumor cells enhance antigen cross-presentation to activate CD8+ T cells in vitro. J. Immunol. In press

4. Turner PR, McConnell M, Young SL, Cabral JD. 2022. 3D regenerative dressing improves healing and modulates immune response in a thermal injury model. Tissue Engineering. in press.

5. Spijkers-Shaw S, Campbell K, Shields NJ, Miller JH, Rendle PM, Jiao W, Young SL, Zubkova OV. 2022. Synthesis of novel glycolipid mimetic of heparin sulfate and their application in colorectal cancer treatment in a mouse model. Chemistry-An Asian Journal. E202200028.

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14.  Neumann S, Boothman-Burrell L, Gowing EK, Jacobsen TA, Ahring P, Young SL, Sandager-Nielsen, K, Clarkson AN. 2019. The delta-subunit selective GABAa receptor modulator, DS2, improves stroke recovery via an anti-inflammatory mechanism. Frontiers Neuroscience.13:1133

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