Matthew Stott

Associate ProfessorMatthew Stott

Internal Phone: 92511


Research Interests

My research focusses on the microbial ecology and geobiological interactions within extreme ecosystems with the aim of underpinning conservation efforts, providing for industrial applications, and to understand the ecosystem services provided by these microbial communities. Much of my fieldwork is carried out in geothermal ecosystems in the central north island of New Zealand known as the Taupo Volcanic Zone.

I investigate the taxonomic, genomic and functional diversity of extremophile communities using cross-disciplinary approaches.
These include the cultivation and characterisation of novel microbial
strains (I have described first representatives of a new phylum, and a class, as well several genera and species), molecular community and
geochemical surveys (e.g. the 1000 Springs Project:, and the
genomic and physiological analyses of isolates and consortium (particularly
methanotrophs and atmospheric trace gas scavengers) to understand growth and survival mechanisms within these challenging environments

The themes of this research have both strong conservation and industrial foci.

Recent Publications

  • Beam JP., Becraft ED., Brown JM., Schulz F., Jarett JK., Bezuidt O., Poulton NJ., Clark K., Dunfield PF. and Ravin NV. (2020) Ancestral Absence of Electron Transport Chains in Patescibacteria and DPANN. Frontiers in Microbiology 11
  • Carere CR., Steen JA., Hugenholtz P. and Stott MB. (2020) Draft Genome Sequence of Limisphaera ngatamarikiensis NGM72.4T, a Moderately Alkaliphilic Thermophile Belonging to the Class Verrucomicrobiae. Microbiology Resource Announcements 9(18)
  • Compton B., Lagutin K., Dyer B., Ryan J., MacKenzie A., Stott M., Nekrasov E., Painter G. and Vyssotski M. (2020) Isolation and synthesis of glycophospholipids from the extremophile Chthonomonas calidirosea. Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry ajoc.202000357
  • Cullings K., Stott MB., Marinkovich N., DeSimone J. and Bhardwaj S. (2020) Phylum-level diversity of the microbiome of the extremophilic basidiomycete fungus Pisolithus arhizus (Scop.) Rauschert: An island of biodiversity in a thermal soil desert. MicrobiologyOpen 9(8)
  • Gionfriddo CM., Stott MB., Power JF., Ogorek JM., Krabbenhoft DP., Wick R., Holt K., Chen LX., Thomas BC. and Banfield JF. (2020) Genome-resolved metagenomics and detailed geochemical speciation analyses yield new insights into microbial mercury cycling in geothermal springs. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 86(15)