Matthew Polson

Compliance and Instrument TechnicianMatthew Polson

Ernest Rutherford Rm121
Internal Phone: 94826


Research Interests

Throughout my chemistry career I have been gaining the many skills required to investigate transition metal polypyridyl complexes. My PhD thesis was in the synthesis and vibrational spectroscopy of these complexes. Since my PhD I have taken three post-doc positions to learn from top practitioners and to add to these skills. In Canada I learnt additional synthetic techniques, primarily in the use of catalytic syntheses, to complement those of my PhD. In Italy I built on my collaborative work in Canada to learn ultra-fast time resolved electronic spectroscopy. Now, in Christchurch I am studying X-ray crystallography while I have access to such extensive knowledge.
At all stages in my career I have attempted to collaborate with other experts. In Canada I collaborated extensively with the group of Prof. Sebastiano Campagna of Univerista di Messina, Italy, for time resolved spectroscopy, with Prof. Bernold Hasenknopf of Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France, for the specialist nmr of 99Ru and with Yasutaka Tanaka of Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu, Japan, for the delicate mass spectrometry of supramolecular species. In Italy, we collaborated with Prof. Marco Garavelli of Universita di Bologna in computational chemistry and Prof. Anita Rampi of Universita degli studi di Ferrara in surface chemistry.
Finally, I believe that for research to be completed it must be presented to the scientific community and hence have attempted to attend and speak at many conferences.

Recent Publications

  • Adnan RH., Andersson GG., Polson MIJ., Metha GF. and Golovko VB. (2015) Factors influencing the catalytic oxidation of benzyl alcohol using supported phosphine-capped gold nanoparticles. Catalysis Science and Technology 5(2): 1323-1333.
  • Bellesis AG., Turnbull MM., Landee CP., Wikaira JL. and Polson M. (2015) Unusual redox reactions in the synthesis of copper coordination compounds: The synthesis of bis(5-NAP)CuCl2 and multiple polymorphs of bis(5-NAPH)CuCl4. In.
  • Kaur G., Polson MIJ. and Hartshorn RM. (2015) Deliberate boxes and accidental wheels. Dalton Transactions 44(9): 4200-4206.
  • Suthagar K., Polson MIJ. and Fairbanks AJ. (2015) Unexpected furanose/pyranose equilibration of N-glycosyl sulfonamides, sulfamides and sulfamates. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 13(23): 6573-6579.
  • Wallace AJ., Jayasinghe CD., Polson MIJ., Curnow OJ. and Crittenden DL. (2015) Cyclopropenium Cations Break the Rules of Attraction to Form Closely Bound Dimers. Journal of the American Chemical Society 137(49): 15528-15532.