Jonathan Tonkin, Biological Sciences

Senior Lecturer and Rutherford Discovery FellowJonathan Tonkin

Population and Community Ecology


Research Interests

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Recent Publications

  • Tonkin J. (2022) Climate Change and Extreme Events in Shaping River Ecosystems. In Tockner K; Mehner T (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Inland Waters (Second Edition) (2 ed.): 653-664.Elsevier.
  • Koerich G., Fraser CI., Lee CK., Morgan FJ. and Tonkin JD. (2022) Forecasting the future of life in Antarctica. Trends in Ecology and Evolution
  • Lewis ASL., Rollinson CR., Allyn AJ., Ashander J., Brodie S., Brookson CB., Collins E., Dietze MC., Gallinat AS. and Juvigny-Khenafou N. (2022) The power of forecasts to advance ecological theory. Methods in Ecology and Evolution
  • Li Z., Tonkin JD., Meng X., Liu Z., Zhang J., Chen X., Xie Z. and Heino J. (2022) Seasonal variation in the metacommunity structure of benthic macroinvertebrates in a large river-connected floodplain lake. Ecological Indicators 136
  • Maasri A., Jähnig SC., Adamescu MC., Adrian R., Baigun C., Baird DJ., Batista-Morales A., Bonada N., Brown LE. and Cai Q. (2022) A global agenda for advancing freshwater biodiversity research. Ecology Letters 25(2): 255-263.