Jonathan Tonkin, Biological Sciences

Senior Lecturer and Rutherford Discovery FellowJonathan Tonkin

Population and Community Ecology
Internal Phone: 90413


Research Interests

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Recent Publications

  • Li F., Tonkin JD. and Haase P. (2020) Local contribution to beta diversity is negatively linked with community-wide dispersal capacity in stream invertebrate communities. Ecological Indicators 108
  • Li M., Liu J., Tonkin JD., Shen J., Xiao N. and Wang J. (2020) The effects of abiotic and biotic factors on taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity of stream epilithic bacteria around Qiandao Lake. Aquatic Sciences 82(4)
  • Sundar S., Heino J., Roque FDO., Simaika JP., Melo AS., Tonkin JD., Gomes Nogueira D. and Silva DP. (2020) Conservation of freshwater macroinvertebrate biodiversity in tropical regions. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 30(6): 1238-1250.
  • Haase P., Pilotto F., Li F., Sundermann A., Lorenz AW., Tonkin JD. and Stoll S. (2019) Moderate warming over the past 25 years has already reorganized stream invertebrate communities. Science of the Total Environment 658: 1531-1538.
  • Jourdan J., Plath M., Tonkin JD., Ceylan M., Dumeier AC., Gellert G., Graf W., Hawkins CP., Kiel E. and Lorenz AW. (2019) Reintroduction of freshwater macroinvertebrates: challenges and opportunities. Biological Reviews 94(2): 368-387.