Jonathan Tonkin, Biological Sciences

Senior Lecturer and Rutherford Discovery FellowJonathan Tonkin

Population and Community Ecology
Internal Phone: 90413


Research Interests

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Recent Publications

  • Li Z., Tonkin JD., Meng X., Liu Z., Zhang J., Chen X., Xie Z. and Heino J. (2022) Seasonal variation in the metacommunity structure of benthic macroinvertebrates in a large river-connected floodplain lake. Ecological Indicators 136
  • Maasri A., Jähnig SC., Adamescu MC., Adrian R., Baigun C., Baird DJ., Batista-Morales A., Bonada N., Brown LE. and Cai Q. (2022) A global agenda for advancing freshwater biodiversity research. Ecology Letters 25(2): 255-263.
  • Mouton TL., Leprieur F., Floury M., Stephenson F., Verburg P. and Tonkin JD. (2022) Climate and land-use driven reorganisation of structure and function in river macroinvertebrate communities. Ecography 2022(3)
  • Mouton TL., Stephenson F., Torres LG., Rayment W., Brough T., McLean M., Tonkin JD., Albouy C. and Leprieur F. (2022) Spatial mismatch in diversity facets reveals contrasting protection for New Zealand's cetacean biodiversity. Biological Conservation 267
  • Abernethy EF., Muehlbauer JD., Kennedy TA., Tonkin JD., Van Driesche R. and Lytle DA. (2021) Hydropeaking intensity and dam proximity limit aquatic invertebrate diversity in the Colorado River Basin. Ecosphere 12(6)