Johanna Yletyinen

Johanna Katariina Yletyinen

Natural Resource Management
Internal Phone: 95367
My research investigates resilience and large-scale changes in ecosystems and social-ecological systems.

Research Interests

Research interests include
- natural resource management
- resilience
- human-environment interactions, social-ecological systems
- regime shifts, tipping points
- complex adaptive systems
- ecological network analysis
- social network analysis
- direct and indirect multiple drivers (anthropogenic impacts and natural variability) effects on ecosystems

Recent Publications

  • Yletyinen J., Brown P., Pech R., Hodges D., Hulme PE., Malcolm TF., Maseyk FJF., Peltzer DA., Perry GLW. and Richardson SJ. (2019) Understanding and managing social–ecological tipping points in primary industries. BioScience 69(5): 335-347.
  • Yletyinen J., Hentati-Sundberg J., Blenckner T. and Bodin Ö. (2018) Fishing strategy diversification and fishers' ecological dependency. Ecology and Society 23(3)
  • Holt RE., Woods PJ., Ferreira ASA., Bardarson H., Bonanomi S., Boonstra WJ., Butler WE., Diekert FK., Fouzai N. and Holma M. (2017) Avoiding pitfalls in interdisciplinary education. Climate Research 74: 121-129.
  • Pedersen MW., Kokkalis A., Bardarson H., Bonanomi S., Boonstra WJ., Butler WE., Diekert FK., Fouzai N., Holma M. and Holt RE. (2016) Trends in marine climate change research in the Nordic region since the first IPCC report. Climatic Change 134(1-2): 147-161.
  • Yletyinen J., Bodin Ö., Weigel B., Nordström MC., Bonsdorff E. and Blenckner T. (2016) Regime shifts in marine communities: A complex systems perspective on food web dynamics. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283(1825): 8.