Joana Kuntz staff portrait

Associate ProfessorJoana R C Kuntz

Director of Applied Psychology
Psychology 201
Internal Phone: 94397


Research Interests

- Organisational change (emphasis on readiness for change and cognitive representations of change)
- Resilience and Recovery (employee and organisational)
- Leadership development in multicultural business environments
- Organisational culture and climate: impact on workplace attitudes and Human Resources Management
- Ethical decision-making and social responsibility
- Technology-mediated communications in multinational business environments

Recent Publications

  • Hamilton Skurak H., Malinen SK., Naswall K. and Kuntz J. (2018) Employee wellbeing: The role of psychological detachment on the relationship between engagement and work-life conflict. Economic and Industrial Democracy
  • Malinen S., Hatton T., Naswall I. and Kuntz JRCP. (2018) Strategies to enhance employee wellbeing and organisational performance in a post-crisis environment: A case study. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management
  • Stemmet L., Roger D., Kuntz JRCP. and Borrill J. (2018) Ruminating about the past or ruminating about the future - which has the bigger impact on health? An exploratory study. Current Psychology.
  • Tonkin K., Malinen SK., Naswall K. and Kuntz J. (2018) Building Employee Resilience through Wellbeing in Organizations. Human Resource Development Quarterly
  • Keeman A., Naswall K., Malinen SK. and Kuntz J. (2017) Employee Wellbeing: Evaluating a Wellbeing Intervention in Two Settings. Frontiers in Psychology 8 505: 14.