Joana Kuntz

Associate ProfessorJoana R C Kuntz

Psychology 469
Internal Phone: 94397
Employee resilience and wellbeing; leadership development;organisational change; intervention design and evaluation.


Research Interests

• Leadership development
• Employee resilience and wellbeing
• Organisational change
• Organisational interventions: design, implementation and evaluation
• Paradoxes in organisations

Recent Publications

  • Plimmer G., Berman EM., Malinen S., Franken E., Naswall K., Kuntz J. and Löfgren K. (2022) Resilience in Public Sector Managers. Review of Public Personnel Administration 42(2): 338-367.
  • Kuntz JC. (2021) Resilience in Times of Global Pandemic: Steering Recovery and Thriving Trajectories. Applied Psychology 70(1): 188-215.
  • Kuntz J. and Livingston H. (2020) Surveying women leaders’ views of career hurdles and enablers: Implications for leadership development in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Psychology.
  • Hamilton Skurak H., Malinen S., Kuntz J. and Naswall K. (2019) The Relevance of Self-Determination for Corporate Volunteering Intentions. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations : 15.
  • Kuntz J. and Dehlin E. (2019) Friend and foe? Self-deception in organisations. Journal of Management Development 38(2): 130-140.