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Jason Song

Plant Physiology

Research Interests

Research interests: genetic regulation of cytokinin homeostasis and its role in plant development, seed yield and stress resistance; Molecular marker assisted plant breeding

Recent Publications

  • Chen L., Zhao J., Song J. and Jameson PE. (2021) Cytokinin glucosyl transferases, key regulators of cytokinin homeostasis, have potential value for wheat improvement. Plant Biotechnology Journal 19(5): 878-896.
  • Grant JE., Ninan A., Cripps-Guazzone N., Shaw M., Song J., Petřík I., Novák O., Tegeder M. and Jameson PE. (2021) Concurrent overexpression of amino acid permease AAP1 (3a) and SUT1 sucrose transporter in pea resulted in increased seed number and changed cytokinin and protein levels. Functional Plant Biology 48(9): 889-904.
  • van Voorthuizen MJ., Nisler J., Song J., Spíchal L. and Jameson PE. (2021) Targeting cytokinin homeostasis in rapid cycling brassica rapa with plant growth regulators incyde and td-k. Plants 10(1): 1-16.
  • Chen L., Zhao J., Song J. and Jameson PE. (2020) Cytokinin dehydrogenase: a genetic target for yield improvement in wheat. Plant Biotechnology Journal 18(3): 614-630.
  • Jameson PE. and Song J. (2020) Will cytokinins underpin the second 'Green Revolution'? Journal of Experimental Botany 71(22): 6872-6875.