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ProfessorJack Heinemann

Julius von Haast 534
Internal Phone: 95597


Research Interests

Research interests include the genetics and molecular biology of single-celled bacteria, phage and some eukaryotic microorganisms, horizontal gene transfer, particularly conjugation, effects of stress, particularly induced by antibiotics and agrochemicals, evolution and risk assessment, influence of language on science and eugenics. Specific interests are the biochemical and genetic characterization of horizontal gene transfer (particularly as it relates to the evolution of virulence and antibiotic resistance in microbes and the risks of genetically modified/engineered organisms) and yeast, bacteria and the test of evolutionary theories.

Recent Publications

  • Bishop CM., Gardecka A., Boichot R., Heinemann J. and Krumdieck S. (2019) Nano-structured titania thin films by pulsed pressure-MOCVD with excellent photocatalytic and antimicrobial activity. Nice, France: European Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, 27-31 May 2019.
  • Heinemann JA. (2019) Should dsRNA treatments applied in outdoor environments be regulated? Environment International 132
  • Heinemann JA. (2019) Submission file 1 to New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority on deregulation of dsRNA..
  • Heinemann JA. (2019) Submission file 2 on scientific and other matters made to the New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority Decision-Making Committee for reconsideration of APP203395..
  • Heinemann JA. and Walker S. (2019) Environmentally applied nucleic acids and proteins for purposes of engineering changes to genes and other genetic material. Biosafety and Health 1(3): 113-123.