Grant Pearce

Senior LecturerGrant Pearce

Julius von Haast 418
Internal Phone: 95199


Research Interests

Research interests include protein chemistry, structure-function studies, enzyme kinetics and inhibition, protein crystallography.

Recent Publications

  • Pearce FG. and Brunke JE. (2022) Is now the time for a Rubiscuit or Ruburger? Increased interest in Rubisco as a food protein.. J Exp Bot
  • Bundela R., Keown J., Watkin S. and Pearce FG. (2019) Structure of a hyperthermostable dimeric archaeal rubisco from hyperthermus butylicus. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology 75: 536-544.
  • Davies JS., Coombes D., Horne CR., Pearce FG., Friemann R., North RA. and Dobson RCJ. (2019) Functional and solution structure studies of amino sugar deacetylase and deaminase enzymes from Staphylococcus aureus. FEBS Letters 593(1): 52-66.
  • Grant Pearce F. (2019) An unexpected sticking point for carboxysome assembly. Journal of Biological Chemistry 294(8): 2604-2605.
  • Clark S., Myers JB., King A., Fiala R., Novacek J., Pearce G., Heierhorst J., Reichow SL. and Barbar EJ. (2018) Erratum: Multivalency regulates activity in an intrinsically disordered transcription factor (eLife (2018) 7 PII: e40684). eLife 7