Catherine Moran Staff Profile Portrait

Deputy Vice-Chancellor AcademicCatherine Moran

Tumu Tuarua Akoranga
Matariki L6
Internal Phone: 94168


Research Interests

Active research interests include language development, adolescent language disorders and traumatic brain injury.

Recent Publications

  • Newbury J., Klee T., Stokes SF. and Moran C. (2016) Interrelationships between working memory, processing speed, and language development in the age range 2–4 years. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 59(5): 1146-1158.
  • Newbury J., Klee T., Stokes SF. and Moran C. (2015) Exploring Expressive Vocabulary Variability in Two-Year-Olds: The Role of Working Memory. Journal of Speech, Language, Hearing Research 58: 1761-1772.
  • Stokes SF., Moran C. and George A. (2013) Nonword Repetition and Vocabulary Use in Toddlers. Topics in Language Disorders 33(3): 224-237.
  • Westerveld MF. and Moran CA. (2013) Spoken expository discourse of children and adolescents: Retelling versus generation. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics 27(9): 720-734.
  • Moran C., Kirk C. and Powell E. (2012) Spoken persuasive discourse abilities of adolescents with acquired brain injury (ABI). Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools 43: 264-275.