Bryce Williamson

Emeritus ProfessorBryce Williamson

Matariki 504
Internal Phone: 94238

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include: magnetooptical studies of chemical species ranging from diatomic radicals to transition-metal complexes and model compounds for biologically important molecules; UV/visible spectroscopy of matrix-isolated species; development of theoretical methods for extracting excited-state information concerning spin-orbit coupling, crystal-field interactions and vibronic effects from analysis of magnetooptical (MCD and MCPL) spectra; grazing-angle FT-IRRAS spectroscopy as a means to quantify trace contamination of surfaces; and chemistry and science education.

Recent Publications

  • Hurrell R; Muscroft-Taylor A; Strange G; Williamson B (Ed.) (2017) Scientific Sleuthing: Chemical Discoveries Made in New Zealand. Christchurch: Clerestory Press. 280.
  • Hogan DJ. and Williamson BE. (1999) New Zealand is different: chemical milestones in New Zealand history. Christchurch: Clerestory Press. 308pp.
  • Hogan DJ; Williamson BE (Ed.) (1998) C.J. Wilkins: an 80th birthday tribute. Christchurch: NZIC. 125.
  • Archer RJ., Scott HS., Polson MIJ., Williamson BE., Mathonière C., Rouzières M., Clérac R. and Kruger PE. (2018) Varied spin crossover behaviour in a family of dinuclear Fe(ii) triple helicate complexes. Dalton Transactions 47(24): 7965-7974.
  • Wallace AJ., Williamson BE. and Crittenden DL. (2017) Coupled cluster calculations provide a one-to-one mapping between calculated and observed transition energies in the electronic absorption spectrum of zinc phthalocyanine. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 117(8) e25350: 8.