Anna Mitchell

Associate ProfessorAnna Mitchell

Internal Phone: 91562


Research Interests

Brain networks support our everyday activities, from learning and remembering information to making decisions and finding our way around in our environment. My research focuses on how the brain is processing information to allow us to carry out these higher cognitive abilities so that we may understand what happens in the brain when learning, decision-making and remembering no longer occur or we lose our ability to find our way around.

Recent Publications

  • Janssen P., Isa T., Lanciego J., Leech K., Logothetis N., Poo M-M. and Mitchell AS. (2023) Visualizing advances in the future of primate neuroscience research.. Curr Res Neurobiol 4: 100064.
  • Perry BAL., Mendez JC. and Mitchell AS. (2023) Cortico-thalamocortical interactions for learning, memory and decision-making. Journal of Physiology 601(1): 25-35.
  • Ainsworth M., Wu Z., Browncross H., Mitchell AS., Bell AH. and Buckley MJ. (2022) Frontopolar cortex shapes brain network structure across prefrontal and posterior cingulate cortex. Progress in Neurobiology 217
  • Mendez JC., Perry BAL., Heppenstall RJ., Mason S. and Mitchell AS. (2022) Openness about animal research increases public support. Nature Neuroscience 25(4): 401-403.
  • Milham M., Petkov C., Belin P., Ben Hamed S., Evrard H., Fair D., Fox A., Froudist-Walsh S., Hayashi T. and Kastner S. (2022) Toward next-generation primate neuroscience: A collaboration-based strategic plan for integrative neuroimaging. In Neuron 110(1): 16-20.