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11 August 2023

West Coast.

Located in the township of Westport this well-appointed field station is great for marine, freshwater and terrestrial research across the varied habitats of the West Coast.


The West Coast contains a geological wonderland of limestone forms and other curious rocks. The region also offers a rich variety of ecological habitats.

The Westport field station is located in the Westport township.


History of Westport field station

In 1995 the University of Canterbury opened the current field station in Westport township. The facility was named after two of Canterbury's most eminent geologists - Maxwell Gage and Brian Mason.

The Teaching (Maxwell Gage) building was designed for undergraduate teaching groups, while the Research (Brian Mason) flat is for individuals and small groups engaged in research. Naming the two buildings after the two professors was an appropriate way to commemorate the unique contribution that Maxwell Gage and Brian Mason have made to earth science both locally and internationally.

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