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Doctoral Programme

12 February 2024

In 2019, UC's Child Well-being Research Institute (CWRI) created a cohort approach to PhD study. Learn how our group of multidisciplinary doctoral candidates tackle well-being in our doctoral programme.


A group of doctoral candidates, each from their respective disciplines, who come together regularly over the common theme of well-being. We host a detailed, comprehensive programme that covers useful PhD topics, like the PhD journey and your own well-being, Research paradigms, Vision Mātauranga and Treaty frameworks, Your ‘elevator pitch’, The publication process, Using librarians, Developing questionnaires and surveys, Literature reviews, Engaging whānau in mana-enhancing ways, and Shaping research questions and interventions…the list goes on.

We also have a really good time together as a group, making sure we balance the research with the social programme!

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