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With rising mental health issues, group therapy gives hope

09 November 2023

Mental health care in the current format is not meeting the needs of people living in the community.


Even before the pandemic, it was clear the prevalence of mental health problems was rising.

In an unequal world, the rising burden of mental illness is often made worse by lack of access to quality evidence-based care. We need a new approach and it should focus on communities, scalability and equity.

UC Senior Lecturer Kaaren Mathias discusses how group therapies work, why social factors are important and why group-based therapy can contribute to improved mental health outcomes.


Read the article by UC Senior Lecturer in public health, Kaaren Mathias on The Conversation.


Disclosure statement 

Kaaren Mathias consults for Burans, a non-profit community mental health initiative of Herbertpur Christian Hospital based in North India. She received a grant from UK Research and Innovation.

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