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CNRE’s Senior Lecturer, Mark Stringer, has received the NZGS best paper award

01 April 2021

UC CNRE’s Senior Lecturer, Mark Stringer, has received the NZGS JW Ridley Geomechanics Paper Award


UC CNRE’s Senior Lecturer, Mark Stringer, has received the NZGS JW Ridley Geomechanics Paper Award for his paper “Separation of pumice from soil mixtures”, which was published in the Journal Soils and Foundations in 2019.

The JW Ridley Geomechanics Paper Award is awarded every three years and is presented at the Society's Annual General Meeting. The award is made to the Society member or members producing the adjudged "best" published paper during the three years ending 31 July preceding the date of the Award, in any publication at the discretion of the Management Committee. The winning paper will be that considered to be distinguished in its contribution to the development of geotechnics in New Zealand.


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