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Study-life balance

Ekea ngā taero

18 August 2023

If you're struggling with a work-life balance you might experience poor sleep, concentration, and feel overwhelmed. Get some tips on how to maintain a healthy study-life balance.

Barriers to balance:
  •  ‘I’m stressed out and do not want to have to put more time into balancing my life’

Unmanaged stress can make you feel as if you are taking two steps forward and one step back. Taking the time to manage your stress and plan for when stress may hit allows you to have some perspective and work out what needs to be done.

  • ‘I think I am going to have to study all day every day, I have no time for anything else’

Multiple studies have found that taking the time to have breaks or spend time doing activities / hobbies other than studying can help improve memory and concentration.

  • ‘If I do not perfect my study-social life, I am a failure’

Most things in life don't have 'one right way' to do them. Everyone’s lives are different and what worked for you once may not work for you any longer. Sometimes change can be a good thing.


Boost your balance:
  • Find out your strengths and play to them

When figuring out your study plan, determine who with, how, where and when you study best and plan accordingly.

  •  Manage your time

Factor in time for non-study related exercises. Exercise and sleep are key factors to consider, are you getting enough of each? 

  • Be flexible

What works for you one day may not work the next. Experience with different techniques and vary your routine to keep yourself from getting bored.

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