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The Women's Zone

16 November 2023

The Women's Zone is a full-time women-only gym. UC Rec & Sport provides a number of services for women to help to enhance your experience at UC. Learn more about the Women's Zone.


We ask that our members respect this space at all times.  Also, please be aware that the room will be monitored by UC Staff, of all genders, for health & safety purposes.

You may wish to gain confidence in the weights room amongst other beginners with the help of a trainer. Or you may prefer or require the privacy of a women's only space to exercise.


How it works

Why offer women's services?

UC Rec & Sport committed to providing a space where all our students feel they belong. Privacy during exercise is a cultural need for many women in our UC community and the RecCentre aims to provide culturally responsive services.

The request for women's hours came from the Student Wellness Advisory Group (SWAG), and after more than 12 months of research, trials, testing and monitoring, we are now able to permanently offer a women's space for our community, in the Women's Zone.

In providing these services, UC Rec & Sport is recognising UC's commitment to equity and diversity.

  • We respectfully ask male members to use the other general areas in the facility. You will find that all equipment available in the Women's Zone is also available elsewhere.

Snapshot of services

  • Personal Training is available for all members. You can request to be booked with a female staff member.
  • Private Group Fitness classes - arrange your own group and we can provide the space and the teacher. Available upon request. Charges apply. Contact our Group Fitness & Customer Experience Team Leader.


What's available?

In the Women's Zone, you’ll find a range of bodyweight and functional training tools. A super place to get started and build confidence.

  • Squat racks
  • Deadlift platforms
  • Cable machine
  • Adjustable benches
  • Dumbbells, Y-Bells, kettlebells, strength bags, weight balls.


Not sure what to do or where to start?

  • You'll find a wealth of content on our app, from AI generated training programmes, to OnDemand workouts, classes and meditations.
  • Chat with one of our Fitness Consultants during their shift, they're keen to help. 
  • Book in for a Personal Training session with one of our skilled staff. They can develop a personalised fitness plan for you or take your through a challenging workout.


Is this legal?

There are many other fitness clubs in New Zealand, including a national leading chain, a University and multiple independent and smaller chains/franchises, who operate this kind of service. The legal advice we have received is that a women's only service can operate, as long as men are not disadvantaged in any way. To ensure this, all equipment that is kept aside for women's use in the Women's Zone is also available in the rest of the centre. You will find all of this equipment duplicated (and more) in the FUN Zone and Fitness Centre.



Your feedback is wanted! Let us help shape an offering that works for all members, to allow inclusiveness and opportunity for all to participate.

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