Apply for a Student Parking Permit

An all-year or Semester student parking permit entitles the permit holder to park in areas designated for students. Purchase of a permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space. It is simply a license-to-hunt.

Cost (GST inclusive)

  • All-year student parking permit is $475 for 2023.
  • Half year permit is $237.50 for 2023.
  • Quarterly permit is $118.75 for 2023.
  • Monthly permit is $39.60 for 2023.

Permits are transferable. However, if you forget to transfer your parking permit to another vehicle and you wish to park on campus, a daily coupon must be purchased and displayed appropriately. Failure to do so will result in enforcement action and possible penalty as per the Parking and Traffic Statute 2017.

Obtaining a student parking permit

  • Permits will be available from the Security Office at 114 Ilam Road.

Payment Options

  • Credit Card
  • Cheque (made out to The University of Canterbury)


Please be aware Lost parking permits will not be replaced as the parking permit once purchaced becomes the holders responsibility,