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What's provided for at the centre

02 May 2024

You'll need to provide items like nappies and food for your child while they're visiting the centre. See what you need to provide and what's provided for at the centre.

When your child is beginning at the Centre, please bring the following:
  • A notebook (Under 2s unit) for daily information and comments
  • A photo of your child that we can display on the Mahere Rā Whānau | birthday chart
  • Information for us on your child’s needs, abilities and interests (you will find this form in the enrolment pack) and a personalised cover sheet for your child’s learning journal / profile book


Daily needs:


Ngā Paraikete| Bedding 

You will need to provide an under blanket and a top blanket. We provide sheets which are laundered weekly, and we will send bedding home to be washed each long weekend. Your child is welcome to bring a special blanket for sleep if needed.


Ngā Kope | Nappies

Please provide and check regularly to ensure your child has enough.


Kākahu | Clothes

Ensure clothes are named and that your child has a complete set of extra clothes. Provide a warm hat in winter, a sunhat in summer and over-trousers for crawling babies when playing outside. We provide sunscreen but if your child requires a specific product you will need to supply this.


Kai | Food

Children bring their own lunch and snacks to the Centre.

  • For safety reasons we do not allow children in the kitchen area of the Centre at any time. Please ensure you place all food and drink in the appropriate areas each morning
  • Provide a named drinking cup for water (Under 2s unit)
  • Provide a named drink bottle for water (Over 2s unit)
  • For infants drinking from bottles, please ensure that bottles are made up and named before putting them in the fridge
  • Ensure that all perishable food is put in the fridge or fridge container on arrival. Everything else stays in the lunch box on the shelves
  • Provide enough food for your child’s needs throughout the day. We are able to assist you if you are unsure about quantities
  • Label all containers/lunchboxes
  • Please see our Food and Drinks Policy
  • Please see Ministry of Health guidelines on "Reducing food-related choking for babies and young children in early learning services".


Rongoā  | Medication

If you require us to administer medicines to your child, please indicate in the medicine book. Hand the medicine to a teacher so that they can put it in a secure place. Remember to pick up the medicine at the end of the day. If your child becomes unwell at the Centre and cannot participate in the programme, we will call you to take them home. Any child who experiences vomiting or diarrhoea whilst at the Centre will be sent home and cannot return until 48 hours after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea. This 48 hour rule applies if the child experiences these illnesses at home as well. This is necessary to prevent the spread of illness throughout the Centre.

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