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Early Childhood Learning Centre

Te Whare Kōhungahunga o UC

14 November 2023

Te Whare Kōhungahunga o UC | Early Childhood Learning Centre (ECLC) accommodates children up to six years old. We accept enrolments from UC students, staff, and members of the wider community. Find out about our hours, fees, philosophy, and more.

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Regular hours

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Special hours
Getting to the Centre

Please park here, in front of the Security building on Ilam Road – to Science Road carpark. These are 10-minute parking zones, for you to come to visit the Centre.

Early Learning Childhood Centre parking

Take the path on the right, down to the sign and the bridge.

Early Learning Childhood Centre path

Use the bridge over Waitutuutu Stream, and come through the gates to the Centre.

ECLC entrance

Kia ora, welcome

Welcome to Te Whare Kōhungahunga o UC | Early Childhood Learning Centre (ECLC), the University of Canterbury’s Early Years Care and Education centre.

We accommodate children up to six years old, and accept enrolments from UC students, staff and members of the wider community. We are uniquely placed at the heart of the UC Ilam campus, and offer short-day care (up to 7 hours a day), or long-day care between 7.30am to 5.30pm. The Centre is open Monday to Friday for the whole year, except for about two weeks around Christmas and New Year.

Children at ECLC are in a privileged position to connect with, and tap into the resources and expertise of the University to support their learning and development.

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