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02 May 2024

Welcome to the Early Childhood Learning Centre parent portal, here you will find information for you and your child, to assist during your time at the Centre.


Home app

Home app is designed to connect families with the centre through digital means. You will be provided information on your child’s sleep, toileting, learning and more. This information is connected to you in real time, which means you will be able to check if your child is awake or asleep right now. 

Events at the Centre

Find out about our upcoming events here.

Update your details

It is crucial for us to have your correct details in the event of an emergency. Please get in touch with us to update your contact details or to amend the details of persons able to pick you child up from the Centre.

‌How you can be involved at the centre

Here are some ways you may wish to consider participating at the centre:

  • Contributing to your child’s learning journal through parent’s voice or by adding your own stories and photographs
  • Attending events at the centre e.g., parent evenings, the end-of-year concert or cultural celebrations
  • Donating items relevant to what the children are interested in e.g., plants and gardening equipment, books, arts & crafts materials and equipment
  • Organising an activity at your department if you work at the university which a group of children can visit, e.g., showcasing fossils or robots, conducting an experiment with the children, inviting children to special department events that may interest them
  • Reading stories, playing games or doing pules with a child or a small group of children when you drop your child off or pick him/her up
  • Participating in excursions as a parent-helper
  • Helping with or participating in fundraising activities
  • Taking our resident Pūkeko on your family outing or holiday and writing the adventure in Pūkeko’s journal

If there are other ways in which you would like to be involved, please feel free to talk with the teachers about them.

Enrolment enquiries

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