How to register at the UC Health Centre - Students

You are not automatically enrolled in the Health Centre - even if you have paid your Student Services Levy. Registration reassigns your government health funding to us from your previous GP and is essential to receive heavily subsidised student healthcare at UC. We strongly suggest you also have a WINZ issued community services card along with your UC student ID card. 

Please click on this link to assist you with the Community Services card application CSC application Info sheet

Please be aware that when you enrol at UC Health Centre, you will be removed from your current GP's register as you can only be enrolled at one practice at a time.

To register:

  1. Download the Enrolment Form 2022 Enrolment form
  2. Complete pages 1-2 in black pen, scan and email complete form as a PDF to
  3. We will contact you if your form is not legible (once printed) to meet the Ministry of Health enrolment criteria. Please note that we are unable to accept enrolment forms with an e-signature - you must physically sign both pages please.


How to Register at the Health Centre - UC Employees

We welcome enrolments from continuing UC Employees
  • Please refer to the information and the enrolment process as above
  • Enter 'Staff' in the Student ID field. 
  • Dr Maclean is our default GP for the transfer of electronic notes only - you may select another GP that you wish to register with (either write their name on the enrolment form or discuss with the Admin Team when you need to book an appointment.
  • In-house Counselling services are not available to non-students, however there are other services your GP can refer you to

UC International Students

If you are an UC international student visiting the Health Centre you do not have to pre-register to be seen when you are unwell. Please read your insurance policy carefully to ensure your condition is covered prior to seeing us. We have a list outlining conditions that are not covered or that we are unable to bulk bill for - please ask at Reception for details.

When you visit the Health Centre, the cost of your appointment can be billed directly to your insurance company if you have used one of the UC approved Insurance Policies. Without a UC approved insurance provider you will be required to pay upfront at the UC Health Centre and claim the costs back through your insurance company directly.

Check with the practice manager if you are unsure. You may attend medical or dental practices off-campus however you will incur the charges for that visit which you will then need to also claim back. All vaccinations, including the influenza vaccination, incur an additional fee.


UC International College (UCIC) International Students

UCIC students are required to pay for all the costs and seek reimbursement from your insurer. Please read your insurance policy carefully to ensure your condition is covered prior to seeing us. We have a list of conditions that are not covered by the Student Safe policy - please ask at Reception for details. Your insurer may request a copy of the medical note(s) when applying for a reimbursement - please ensure you request this from the Doctor or Nurse at the time of your consultation. The Practice Manager is available to assist you with this if you forget to ask the Doctor or Nurse.