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Health is becoming more about wellness and prevention, with a stronger focus on community. If you are inspired to make a positive difference for people, communities, countries, and even the world, then Health could be the subject for you.

Public health, psychology, social work, sport, geography, or youth development — UC Health is multi-disciplinary and incorporated into a variety of programmes. Our lecturers take an interprofessional approach to teaching by national and international experts from a range of health and sport disciplines. Our courses ensure your knowledge and skills are comprehensive and current to whatever your role. Whatever you learn throughout your degree will be backed by hands-on experience, giving you workplace skills. You’ll be helping people make health choices and decisions based on what matters to them and their whānau.

If you have the passion for health, we have the qualifications where you can make a difference. Join our inspiring health graduates in helping to make positive and meaningful change in people’s lives, engaging with whānau, workplaces, and communities.

Undergraduate qualifications

The Certificate in Health Sciences (CertHealSc) will prepare you with the practical and theoretical knowledge to make a positive contribution to the field of health promotion.

The Diploma in Health Sciences (DipHealSc) will provide you with a grounding in the principles and practices of health promotion.

The Bachelor of Health Sciences is a three-year programme that provides a comprehensive overview of health and healthcare. It is a multidisciplinary qualification and our graduates are using their skills in the health sector and beyond.

Designed for working professionals from any walk of life who want to develop their skills and knowledge in the area of Sport Coaching, the Certificate in Sport Coaching can be completed by distance around your other commitments.

The Bachelor of Sport Coaching (BSpC) is the only specialist sport coaching degree in Aotearoa. With options for flexible learning and internships, this qualification can cater for a wide variety of students.

The Graduate Certificate in Sport Coaching provides practising coaches and those employed in the sports industry the opportunity to develop their professional coaching skills. It is also available to students who are not currently employed in the industry, but wish to develop skills and competencies to gain employment in performance sport coaching contexts.

If you want to study science at university level without having to commit to full-time degree study initially, you might consider the Certificate in Science (CertSc). It is also an option if you want to take a few courses for interest, or study part-time.

Subjects with a health focus:

Medicinal Chemistry


Bachelor of Science (BSc) is about understanding and improving the natural world through observation, experimentation, modelling, and calculation. The Bachelor of Science is a highly flexible degree that allows a wide range of choices from major, minor, and endorsement subjects, as well as courses from subjects within other degrees. 

Subjects with a health focus:

Medicinal Chemistry



Graduate Diploma in Science offers people who hold a bachelor's degree in a major in an unrelated area the opportunity to study science in-depth. It is designed to provide a qualification for graduates seeking to qualify for entry to postgraduate qualifications in science, change career direction, or to extend or upgrade their existing qualifications.

Subjects with a health focus:

Medical Physics

Cellular and Molecular Biology


The Bachelor of Social Work with Honours at UC is Aotearoa New Zealand’s most established Social Work programme. The BSW(Hons) is ideal for those with a commitment to working with others in overcoming personal and institutional barriers to wellbeing, and promoting the full potential of people.

The Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology with Honours is a highly regarded, professional degree accredited by Te Kāhui Kaiwhakatikatika Reo Kōrero o Aotearoa | New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association (NZSTA). Over the four years of this degree, students gain the knowledge and skills to assist a wide variety of people with communication and swallowing disorders.

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